Hardware 301: Diving Deeper into Database Hardware


Presenter: Glenn Berry



Session Details:

Making the right hardware decisions is extremely important for database scalability. Having properly sized and configured hardware can both increase application performance and reduce capital expenses dramatically. Unfortunately, there are so many different choices and options available when it comes to selecting hardware and storage subsystems, it is very easy to make bad choices based on outmoded conventional wisdom.

This session will give you a framework for how to pick the right hardware and storage subsystem for your workload type. You will learn how to evaluate and compare key hardware components, such as processors, chipsets, and memory. You will also learn how to evaluate and compare different types of storage subsystems for different database workload types. This session will give you the knowledge you need to make sure you get the best performance and scalability possible from your hardware budget!


About the Speaker:

Glenn Berry works as a Database Architect at Avalara in Denver, CO. He is a SQL Server MVP and has a collection of Microsoft certifications, including MCITP, MCDBA, MCSE, MCSD, MCAD, and MCTS, which proves that he likes to take tests. His expertise includes DMVs, high availability, hardware selection, full text search, and SQL Azure. He is also an Adjunct Faculty member at University College - University of Denver, where he has been teaching since 2000. He has also completed the Master Teacher Program at Denver University - University College. He is the author of the book "SQL Server Hardware" and blogs regularly at http://sqlserverperformance.wordpress.com

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