Fixing Queries with Uniqueness


Presenter: Rob Farley



Session Details:

In my PASS Summit pre-conference seminar, Fixing Queries through Advanced T-SQL Techniques, I’ll be going into all kinds of things that I find people don’t know about T-SQL – ways that can make queries run faster. And I’m not talking about queries that run 10% faster; I’m talking about orders of magnitude faster – the kinds of things that people think is only possible through indexing techniques. This is a collection of things that I’ve found that most people haven’t noticed before. Some of it may be things you’ve heard before, but I’ve found that few people understand the significance and profoundness of it all.

In this 24HOP session, I’m going to look at uniqueness. It’s one of my favorite topics, maybe because I’m a twin, but maybe because I see the impact that uniqueness can have on choices that the Query Optimizer makes when compiling your queries. If you’re coming along to my pre-con, then you’ll get to hear some of this again, with a pile of other ways that you can get more out of your queries. Except reads, not how to get more reads...

About the Speaker:

Rob Farley runs Australian consultancy LobsterPot Solutions. He is presenting a pre-conference seminar at PASS Summit 2011, showing ways that a better understanding of advanced T-SQL features can be used to fix queries in every version of the product. Rob has extensive experience with SQL Server, having got into databases in 1997 and SQL Server in version 6.0. He is a regular conference presenter both around Australia and overseas, and heads up the Adelaide SQL Server User Group. He’s an MCT, a five-time MVP, and a past Branch Executive Committee member of the Australian Computer Society. Rob is also the author of two chapters in "SQL Server MVP Deep Dives," and a chapter in the "SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2." 

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