Disaster Recovery Is Not Just About Technology


Presenter: Edwin Sarmiento



Session Details:

Failover clustering, database mirroring, backup strategies, etc... These are just some of the terms that you hear when tasked to work on a disaster recovery project. However, you’re missing a lot on the non-technology aspects. This session will describe the principles that should drive disaster recovery strategies and how they need to become the foundation of the technology solutions that you need to implement. You will certainly look at your disaster recovery strategies differently after learning these concepts.


About the Speaker:

Edwin Sarmiento works as a SQL Server DBA/Windows Engineer for Pythian, a global remote DBA services provider in Ottawa, Canada. Prior to joining Pythian, he was a senior systems engineer/DBA for Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore and is responsible for maintaining 200+ servers and databases for a global client in 10 countries. He is very passionate about technology, but when not working with databases, his interests lie in music, professional and organizational development, and leadership and management matters. 

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