Advanced Reporting Services


Presenter: Simon Sabin



Session Details:

Reporting Services is a hugely powerful but complex product. Crescent is a powerful but simple product. How can you make Reporting Services easy to develop with and use? This is the theme of the pre-conference seminar I will be presenting at PASS Summit.

One feature that is essential in today’s reports is interactivity. Excel and Crescent both give you slicers, which are a nice way of being able to analyse the contents of a report. In this 24HOP hour-long session, we will look at how you can use some of the advanced features of Reporting Services to provide your users with slicer functionality. We will cover topics such as:

     - Multi select parameters
     - Working with multiple disconnected data sourcesets
     - Formatting
     - Adding interactivity to components


About the Speaker:


Simon Sabin is a principal consultant for SQLKnowHow, which specializes in high-performance big-data SQL Server systems. His focus is troubleshooting and mentoring teams responsible for the development and support of such systems.

Simon has worked with SQL Server since 1998 and has always focused on reliable high-performance systems. He has particular expertise in the world of search, distributed architectures, business intelligence, and application development, making websites and applications run faster through scale-out technologies and performance tuning. Previous clients include Microsoft, Tesco, and

He is a SQL Server MVP and MCM and is the founder of SQLBits. You can read his thoughts at

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