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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Session 01
Introduction to Data Mining in SQL Server Analysis Services
Presenter: Brian Knight

Session 02
SAN Basics for DBAs
Presenter: Brent Ozar

Session 03
Diving Into Extended Events
Presenter: Jonathan Kehayias

Session 04
Exploring PowerPivot for Excel in SQL Server Project "Denali"
Presenter: Peter Myers

Session 05
Why PowerShell?
Presenter: Aaron Nelson

Session 06
SSIS in the Enterprise
Presenter: Andy Leonard

Session 07
Extracting Execution Plans
Presenter: Gail Shaw

Session 08
Multi-Site Failover Clustering with SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, and Denali
Presenter: Allan Hirt

Session 09
So How Does the BI Workload Impact the DB Engine?
Presenter: Denny Cherry, Stacia Misner

Session 10
Secrets of the SQLOS - Leveraging Microsoft SQL Server Internal Operating System for Improved Scalability and Performance
Presenter: Maciej Pilecki

Session 11
Hardware 301: Diving Deeper into Database Hardware
Presenter: Glenn Berry

Session 12
All About Execution Plans: Reading Execution Plans
Presenters: Grant Fritchey


Thursday, September 8, 2011 

Session 13
Zero to Cube - Fast Track to SSAS Development
Presenter: Adam Jorgensen

Session 14
Fixing Queries with Uniqueness
Presenter: Rob Farley

Session 15
Disaster Recovery Is Not Just About Technology
Presenter: Edwin Sarmiento

Session 16
Reporting Services 201: From Basic to WOW!
Presenter: Jes Schultz Borland

Session 17
Standard Operating Procedure for Normalized Database Design
Presenter: Thomas LeBlanc

Session 18
Baseline Basics or: Who Broke the Database
Presenter: Adam Machanic

Session 19
T-SQL Awesomeness - 3 Ways to Write Cool SQL
Presenter: Audrey Hammonds

Session 20
Code-First Development with the Entity Framework
Presenter: Don Kiely

Session 21
Advanced Reporting Services
Presenter: Simon Sabin

Session 22
Important Trace Flags That Every DBA Should Know
Presenter: Victor Isakov

Session 23
Policy-Based Management in a Nutshell
Presenter: Jorge Segarra

Session 24
Visual Report Design: Bringing Sexy Back

Presenter: Paul Turley

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