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eXtreame Database Design


Presenter: Paul Nielsen,


Session 11: September 15 at 22:00 GMT


Session Details

This session pushes the data modeling envelope with research in applying object-oriented design to SQL Server, including class inheritance, domain classes with integrity, decorator classes for additional attributes, and transparent data overlays for data that changes from perspective to perspective. Also learn how to tackle another difficult database design involving temporal data—data that changes depending on the effective date of the query. This session assumes that you design SQL databases and that you want to see patterns that go beyond the traditional one-to-many relational database, but that you still value data integrity and normal SQL querying.


About the Speaker



Paul Nielsen, author of the SQL Server Bible series, believes SQL is the romance language of data. A data modeler and database developer, he’s worked with databases since 1981 and has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2004. As a consultant, Paul specializes in complex database designs (object-oriented, temporal, and abstract) and has worked in the financial, airline, manufacturing, insurance, non-profit, and research industries. Involved in the SQL Server community, Paul has several projects in, including autoaudit, regularly presents at most SQL Server conferences, and was the lead editor of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, in which 53 SQL Server MVPs contributed chapters with all author proceeds going to War Child International. You can read more at his website,


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