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Top 10 Design Mistakes


Presenter: Louis Davidson, CBN


Session 23: September 16 at 22:00 GMT


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People do a lot of really stupid things at times in the name of "getting it done" (I’m not immune myself). The list I’ll present in this session is simply the 10 most heinous things that come up over and over in the real world. Study the basics of database design, and you’ll find that it’s not exactly rocket science. Normalization is as straightforward a principle to apply as gravity. So why do so many people make so many mistakes? The answer is generally pretty close to the same reason that people fail when baking a cake from a recipe. The cook gets in a hurry, skips steps, and omits the important powder that is the key ingredient—either by mistake or on purpose. The end product in either case is less than adequate results. Knowing what you are doing wrong is the first step to at least knowing how to predict the outcome.


About the Speaker



Louis Davidson has been in the IT industry for 16 years as a corporate database developer and architect. He has been a Microsoft MVP for 6 years and has written four books on database design and coauthored another on dynamic management views. Currently, he is the Data Architect/DBA for the Christian Broadcasting Network, supporting offices in Virginia Beach, VA, and Nashville, TN. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in computer science, with a minor in mathematics. For more information, visit


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