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TempDB Configuration and Management


Presenter: Dipti Sangani, Microsoft


Microsoft Bonus Session 26: September 16 at 01:00 GMT

Session Details

TempDB  is a critical shared resource on a SQL Server installation. Understanding and planning your TempDB very carefully can greatly impact the performance of your workload on the system.  In this session you will learn about TempDB, common TempDB related bottlenecks. You will also learn about various tools available to you  to understand these bottlenecks and recommendations/best practices around avoiding these issues.

About the Speaker

Dipti Sangani started hercareer as a Support Engineer supporting SQL Server for enterprise customers. After getting some hands-on experience in the field and working with customers, she moved to the SQL Server development team as a Program Manager for the SQL Server core engine team. Dipti has over 10 years of experience working with SQL Server in various capacities starting with Support engineer to QFE/Release manager and she is now a feature Program Manager on the engine team.

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