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Storage for the DBA


Presenter: Denny Cherry, Awareness Technologies


Session 17: September 16 at 16:00 GMT


Session Details

One of the biggest issues in database performance centers around storage. Storage is also one of the hardest places to troubleshoot performance issues because storage engineers and database administrators often do not speak the same language. This session covers storage from both the database and storage perspectives. We’ll dig into LUNs, HBAs, and the fabric, as well as RAID groups. In addition to theory, we’ll look at an actual EMC SAN so that you can translate what you see in the storage array with what you see on the actual server.

About the Speaker



Denny Cherry has over a decade of experience managing SQL Server, including some of the largest installations in the world. His areas of technical expertise include system architecture, performance tuning, replication, and troubleshooting. He uses these skills on a regular basis in his current role as the Manager of Information Systems at Awareness Technologies.


Denny, a Microsoft MVP, currently holds many of the Microsoft certifications related to SQL Server for versions 2000 through 2008. He is a longtime member of PASS and Quest Software’s Association of SQL Server Experts and has written many technical articles on SQL Server management and how SQL Server integrates with enterprise storage.


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