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SQL Server R2 Utility


Presenter: Eddie Fong, Microsoft


Microsoft Bonus Session 27: September 17 at 00:00 GMT


Session Details

SQL Server 2008 R2 introduces the Utility Control Point (UCP) for multi-server management. The UCP provides a central point of reasoning for analyzing resource utilization and configuration information across a distributed deployment containing large numbers of SQL Server instances and database applications.  This session will review the user experience for multi-server management using the UCP.  You will see how the UCP is created and SQL Server instances become managed, and how resource health policy provided by the UCP can be used to perform capacity management.  This session will also look under the covers at the design of the UCP and managed instances including their key components and workflows.


About the Speaker

Eddie Fong has been working with SQL Server since 2002 working on WinFS and SQL Server 2008 in a release management capacity. He recently joined the SQL Server Manageability team as a Lead Program Manager responsible for PBM, UCP, Config Manager/WMI and a soon to be released Project Houston.

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