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How to Rock Your Presentations


Presenter: Douglas McDowell, Solid Quality Mentors


Session 10: September 15 at 21:00 GMT


Session Details

Just because you’re a technical rock star doesn’t mean your technical presentation is going to rock. And even if you own the room for technical presentations, you may find that your business presentations often fall short. This session is for veteran presenters as well as first-timers, offering prescriptive guidance and best practices for structuring, building, and delivering a compelling presentation every time—whether technical or non-technical. Effective and persuasive presentation skills are critical for survival and success in the workplace—this is a session worth checking out.


About the Speaker



Douglas McDowell is the CEO, North America, for Solid Quality Mentors. He is a SQL Server MVP, has lots of certifications, serves as the Director of Technology & Chapters on the PASS Board of Directors, and is an author and contributing editor for SQL Server Magazine. Douglas completed his MBA at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business and also holds a Masters of Information Technology and a degree in Culinary Arts. Douglas is a passionate speaker about the value of Business Intelligence realized through successful architectures and implementations.


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