24 Hours of PASS: Cross-Platform SQL Server Management

24 Hours of PASS

Modernizing Mission-Critical Apps with SQL Server 2017 on Windows, Linux and Docker Containers

Marko Hotti
60 minutes
Database Administration and Development
Learn how to build business/mission critical applications leveraging the latest innovations of SQL Server 2017 with In-Memory performance, Automatic Tuning, Advanced Security Features like Always Encrypted, High Availability and Disaster Recovery, Big Data Integration with Polybase and integration with Machine Learning through R and Python.

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Marko Hotti
Sr. Technical Product Manager SQL Server, Microsoft Corporation

I have been working with databases since early 90s when I started with Oracle RDBMS on Solaris and HP-UX systems. I worked for Oracle year 1999-2005 and been with Microsoft since 2005. First in... View More

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