24 Hours of PASS: Cross-Platform SQL Server Management

24 Hours of PASS

SQL Operations Studio – a New Multi-Platform tool for SQL Server Database Development, Administration, and Monitoring

Marek Maśko
60 minutes
Database Administration and Development
DBA, Database Developer
SQL Operations Studio (SQLOps) is a new tool from Microsoft designed to make the Database Professional’s life easier. It’s free and open source data management tool that enables you to work with SQL Server, Azure SQL DB and SQL DW from Windows, macOS, and Linux. This light-weight multi-platform solution can be used for SQL Server database development, administration, and monitoring. In this session, Marek Masko will take you on a journey through the SQLOps GUI and present main SQL Operation Studio features. He will explain how dashboards work and what you can do with them. You will learn how to use it to perform your usual daily tasks such as: - Connecting to databases, running queries, reviewing and exporting results; - Developing complex T-SQL code using new functionalities; - Performing various kinds of administrative tasks; In addition to this, Marek will show you built-in monitoring functionalities, as well as easy to create widgets giving you amazing application extensibility.

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Marek Maśko
Principal Database Analyst, Sabre

Marek works as a Principal Database Analyst at Sabre Polska where he is developing a database solution for flight planning system. He supports teams of developers, testers, delivery, and technical... View More

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