24 Hours of PASS: Cross-Platform SQL Server Management

24 Hours of PASS

Pods, Containers, and SQL Server--What You Need to Know

Joseph D'Antoni
60 minutes
Database Administration and Development
DBA, Architect, IT Manager/Director/Executive
In the last decade there have been massive evolutions in infrastructure. Servers got virtual, then those VMs went to the cloud. Containers, and container orchestration using Kubernetes take those abstractions several steps further. In this session you will learn about: --The benefits of flexibility of containers --How containers work, and how they are different from virtual machines --How SQL Server works with containers --How to get started with containers in your test environment Join us for a demo filled session to learn about the future of infrastructure.

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Joseph D'Antoni
Principal Consultant, Denny Cherry and Associates

Joseph D'Antoni is a Senior Consultant and Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over 20 years of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms. He is a Principal Consultant for Denny Cherry &... View More

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