24 Hours of PASS: Cross-Platform SQL Server Management

24 Hours of PASS

Monitoring Page Splits in SQL Server

Guy Glantser
60 minutes
Database Administration and Development
Monitoring page splits in SQL Server is useful. It can be very useful, for example, in order to choose the appropriate fill factor for an index. By monitoring the number of page splits for a particular index over a period of time, we can determine whether the fill factor for that index should be adjusted in order to reduce the number of page splits and improve the overall performance. In this session we are going to demonstrate all the possible options to monitor page splits in SQL Server, and we are going to show that all of these options are wrong. SQL Server is lying, and we're going to prove it. We will then demonstrate the only (documented) method to correctly monitor page splits in SQL Server as of today.
• Experience with monitoring tools: Profiler, XEvents, DMVs, Performance Monitor • Experience with writing T-SQL code • Understanding of index basics

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Guy Glantser
CEO, Madeira Data Solutions

Guy Glantser, Data Platform MVP, is the leader of the Israeli PASS local group and also the CEO and founder of Madeira Data Solutions. His career has been focused on the Microsoft Data Platform for... View More

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