24 Hours of PASS: Summit 2017 Preview

Tools and Tips: From Accidental to Efficient Data Warehouse Developer

60 minutes
Architect, BI/Analytics Practitioner
You have probably heard about the Accidental DBA, but what about the Accidental Data Warehouse Developer? We stumbled into the world of data warehousing, learned dimensional modeling and work with T-SQL and SSIS daily. We are masters of googling solutions to our problems and making sure our ETL processes run without errors. We deliver data to business users… and the more we deliver, the more they want. This is a good thing! But how do we keep up with the increased demand? You might not be able to rewrite your entire ETL process or change your team's processes over night, but there are many things you can do to increase your own productivity and become a more efficient and valuable Data Warehouse developer. In this session, I will show you some of what I have learned and discovered that has made me say "Oh wow! Why did I not know this yesterday!?" - including SSMS features, tools for query analysis and tuning, free tools and scripts, Biml for SSIS and even a couple of things I used to think were only useful for those scary DBAs.

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Cathrine Wilhelmsen
Community Evangelist, PASS

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