24 Hours of PASS: Summit 2017 Preview

Writing User Stories and Slicing Epics for DW/BI Teams

Lynn Winterboer
60 minutes
BI/Analytics Practitioner, Developer
Agile is all the rage in software development, and many data warehousing and business intelligence (DW/BI) professionals are interested in leveraging Agile approaches to change the way they deliver value to their organizations. One of the first things we learn about in a book or course on Agile is replacing "requirements" with "user stories", yet the examples provided are usually not relevant to the data world. This can leave us somewhat skeptical about whether this approach to requirements would work for DW/BI projects. This session shares how to write user stories for a DW/BI project, and explains how these user stories contribute to several key Agile principles: ▪ Satisfy customers through early and continuous delivery ▪ Working BI features are our primary measure of progress ▪ Business people and the delivery team work together regularly Attendees will leave understanding what a well-written DW/BI user story looks like.

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Lynn Winterboer
Agile Analytics Educator and Coach, Winterboer Agile Analytics

Lynn Winterboer teaches and coaches DW/BI teams on how to effectively apply agile principles and practices to their work. For 20 years, Ms. Winterboer has studied and applied Agile and BI,... View More

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