24 Hours of PASS: Summit 2017 Preview

PowerShell ❤️ SQL Server: Modern Database Administration

60 minutes
Join dbatools teammates Chrissy LeMaire and Constantine Kokkinos for a fun, fast-paced session that demonstrates how to perform many SQL Server-related tasks easily and simply using PowerShell. Demos include instance migrations, automated backup testing and more. This session is aimed at data professionals, from junior to senior, who want to embrace the ease of automation and increase their DevOps toolset.

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Chrissy LeMaire
Sr. Systems Engineer, NATO Special Ops Headquarters

Chrissy LeMaire is a Windows PowerShell MVP and PASS PowerShell Virtual Group co-lead who has worked in IT for nearly 20 years. She works for General Dynamics and serves as the SQL Server DBA at NATO... View More

Constantine Kokkinos
Database Administrator, Avionte Software

Constantine Kokkinos is a technophile, DBA, and all around nice guy. He spends the bulk of his time either performance tuning databases or using PowerShell to automate anything he can. A lifelong... View More

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