24 Hours of PASS: Summit 2017 Preview

DevOps and the Agile DBA

60 minutes
DBA, IT Manager/Director/Executive
DevOps came out of the Agile movement and the idea that operations needed to be part of the solution for agile development to be successful. The DBA was often the most resilient and robust member of the operations team and most resistant to change. This mentality was essential to the protection of company’s critical production data. This session discusses common database challenges and how they can be minimized or solved with newer DevOps practices without impacting the DBAs “safe zone”. We’ll discuss how to use these vital skills and motivate everyone towards solutions for more success in agile development environments. Development, testing, provisioning, patching, upgrading and managing will become easier with agile tools, virtualization and collaboration. The take-aways from this session are to embrace DevOps basics with a “DBA twist” such as: - Develop, Rinse, Repeat - Test Until Your Five Year Old Can Do It - Human Intervention Creates Human Error- Automate EVERYTHING - How the shorter development cycle build business success - How the DBA can do more with less. Discover the power of virtualization and powerful agile development practices providing more value to even the most senior database expert. We’ll demo different scenarios surrounding DevOps, virtualization and how to make the DBA pivotal to DevOps success.

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Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
Technical Solution Professional - Data Platform, Microsoft

Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is a member of the Oak Table Network and an Oracle ACE Director alumnus. She is the Technical Intelligence Manager at Delphix, a company recognized for it's impressive... View More

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