24 Hours of PASS: Summit 2017 Preview

Why Did My Clever Index Change Backfire? (Preview)

Kendra Little
60 minutes
SQL Server is full of advanced techniques to build powerful indexes: indexed views, filtered indexes, columnstore indexes, and more. But many of these techniques have risks: your cool indexing idea may backfire and leave your users frustrated. In this preview session, you'll see a few demos of how different indexing patterns may slow down queries, have dangerous side effects, or not work at all. If you have a solid knowledge of index basics and are comfortable reading query execution plans, this session will improve your index tuning skills.

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Kendra Little
SQL Workbooks, LLC

Kendra Little teaches developers and database administrators to write fast code for SQL Server at conferences around the world and online at SQLWorkbooks.com. She is a Microsoft Certified Master in... View More

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