24 Hours of PASS: Summit 2017 Preview

A Guided Tour of the SqlClient Namespace

Jay Robinson
60 minutes
The prototypical bridge between Transact-SQL and .NET languages is the Framework's SqlClient namespace. As developers, how well do we really know that bridge? Let's face it - sometimes we take a careful, deliberate approach to our code, and sometimes we simply copy/paste code snippets from StackExchange and move on to the next problem. That approach may work in the short term, but its success as the application grows and matures is a roll of the dice. Do you want to take this gamble with your data access code, or do you want to be confident that it will scale? A deeper understanding of the SqlClient namespace will help you write more robust code now, saving you from rewriting it later, under pressure, when the gamble doesn't pay off. This session is a survey of some of the vital elements of the SqlClient namespace, and, depending on your experience, may serve as an introduction, a refresher, or a new perspective on a part of the .NET Framework that is often taken for granted. Demos will use C#, though the principles can be applied in any of the .NET languages. Some Selected Topics: - Connection pooling strategies - Nuances of the SqlDataReader class - Proper handling of SQL Server exceptions - Effective use of the SqlBulkCopy class Following this session, attendees should be better prepared to develop scalable and reliable solutions that use the .NET Framework to communicate with SQL Server databases.

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Jay Robinson
Senior Systems Engineer, Salesforce

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