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Application & Database Development
BI Information Delivery
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Cloud Application Development & Deployment
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Application & Database Development

Columnstore Technology Improvements in SQL Server 2016
Columnstore Technology has received one of the biggest number of improvements across all SQL Server...
Niko Neugebauer

Using JSON with SQL Server 2016
SQL Server 2016 is introducing support for JSON. It will not be implemented as a data type like...
Steve Hughes

BI Information Delivery

A Gentle Introduction to Data Analytics in SQL Server 2016
The next version of SQL Server has several new features to support data analytics, but what exactly...
Stacia Varga

Advanced R Analytics in SS2016 using R Tools for Visual Studio
Join Bill Jacobs as he demonstrates Advanced R Analytics in Sql Server 2016 and using R tools for...
Bill Jacobs

SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services & Mobile BI
At long last, major changes to Reporting Services in SQL Server 2016! Years ago with Reporting...
Chris Finlan, Riccardo Muti

BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

5 Techniques to Beautiful Data Insights with R and SSRS
Data visualization matters for better business insights. It enables business and decision makers to...
Tomaž Kaštrun, Julie Koesmarno

A Lap Around Columnstore and 2016 Operational Analytics.
This session assumes no previous knowledge of columnstore indexing as the subject will be fully...
Martin Catherall

Got Data? Go Modern and Monetize. Learn How to Run Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) as a Service Through Microsoft HDInsight
• Develop and learn how to collect and process data and build applications with Hadoop. Leverage...
Saptak Sen

Swimming in the Data Lake
Platform as a Service offerings for Big Data are heating up. Amazon and Redshift, Google and...
Warner Chaves

Temporal Tables and Their Role in ETL and Data Warehouse
Temporal tables are new type of database tables introduced in SQL Server 2016, these tables are...
Reza Rad

Treasure Map: Choosing the Right Algorithm in Azure ML
Data scientists uses various data-mining algorithms to do the prediction. Having a map on how to...
Leila Etaati

What's New in SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services
This session describes the many new features added to Analysis Data Services in SQL Server...
Peter Myers

Cloud Application Development & Deployment

Elastic Database Client Library and Elastic Database Transactions
Elastic Database tools for Azure SQL Database employ well-established industry patterns for...
Silvia Doomra

Perfect Fits for Azure SQL Database Migrations
It’s unlikely that you’re going to move your entire fleet of databases into Azure SQL Database, but...
Grant Fritchey

Use Cortana Intelligence Today
The Cortana Intelligence Suite provides an array of cloud based technologies that enables the...
Chris Testa-O'Neill

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Four Reasons to Migrate Your SQL Server Databases to the Cloud: Security, Agility, Availability, and Reliability
Enterprise database requirements such as security, availability, scaling, recovery and performance...
Jeremiah Wilton

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Program Manager Panel
Join Microsoft Program Managers for a SQL Server 2016 question and answer panel session. 
Jos de Bruijn, Casey Karst, Jack Richins, Joe Yong, Kevin Farlee, Luis Vargas, Sahaj Saini, Sunil Agarwal, Tommy Mullaney, Umachandar Jayachandran

New Paradigm for Performance Tuning in SQL Server 2016
Pinpoint performance issues and eliminate query plan regressions without losing sleep. This session...
Robert Davis

Relational Databases vs Non-Relational Databases vs Hadoop
There is a lot of confusion about the place and purpose of the many recent non-relational database...
James Serra

Schizophrenic High Availability with SQL and Windows 2016
As SQL Server, Windows and Cloud availability solutions have reached maturity, their capabilities...
Mark Broadbent

SQL Server 2016 AlwaysOn Availability Groups Enhancements
AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AGs) were introduced in SQL Server 2012. AGs significantly expanded...
Jimmy May

SQL Server 2016 Hero Features in Action: Full Lifecycle of Financial Data & SQL Server 2016 In-Memory Performance
SQL Server 2016 has new features for Mission Critical Performance, In-Memory, Real-Time Analytics,...
Marko Hotti

SQL Server 2016 Just Works Faster – Performance Improvements in Database Core Engine
Join me in taking a deep dive and behind the scenes look at how SQL Server 2016 ‘It Just Runs...
Robert Dorr

Winning with Column Store in SQL Server 2016 - A Customer Story
This session will feature a real story of a customer who was running into performance and scaling...
Rick Heiges