Introduction to Microsoft Azure DocumentDB

Jeff Renz
60 minutes
Application & Database Development
Architect, Developer
In this session I will demonstrate how to create a DocumentDB instance in Azure, how to work with JSON documents, create Ad hoc queries with familiar SQL syntax, create application logic as stored procedures, triggers and user defined functions (UDFs) using standard JavaScript. Goals: #1 Show how to create validate JSON strings using Notepad++, validate the JSON against a schema using C# Newtonsoft dll. Demonstrate how to work with JSON in SQL Server as a reference on how hard it is to work with JSON when it is not natively stored. #2 Demo the basics of DocumentDB - Create the database, collections and documents using the web interface. Demo how to perform basic selects, joins and filtering. Review java script basics as java script is fundamental in creating stored procedures #3 Demo of how to work with DocumentDB in a C# by creating collections, documents and querying the database using lync and SQL syntax.

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