Understanding and Visualizing Data Using R in SQL Server

Tomaž Kaštrun
60 minutes
BI Information Delivery
BI/Analytics Practitioner, Developer, Data Scientist
Language R for Statistical computing is powerful language for data analysis with all great features for data import from SQL environment. Using R with SQL server data will help data scientists, data analysts and data stewards prepare, explore and validate data much easier, as well as to use wide range of statistics; from uni-variate to multivariate. Session will focus on: 1) establishing the R connecting with SQL server using standard ODBC connectors and T-SQL procedures, 2) validate data with using classical statistical methods on any of your SQL transactional and master data 3) use R output in standard report (using SSRS) and bring extra information to reports. Demos in session will include exploring T-SQL procedure for establishing connection, using R to your common statistical needs and creating report (in SSRS) to visualize data. Demo will also show sentiment analysis of Twitter PASS MVP Summit 2014 event.
This session was presented on PASS BI Virtual Chapter and was selected at least four times on PASS SQL Saturday events, presented on forums.

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