Database Design: Solving Problems Before they Start!

Edward Pollack
60 minutes
Application & Database Development
Explore the most important topics in database design and discuss examples of where design mistakes can lead to bad data, poor performance, and other headaches that your future self would love to avoid! Choosing the right data types, normalization, and choosing the right column names can allow for easier database development, make planning for future changes simpler, and avoid the roadblocks often associated with poor design. Using live demos, we will explore the potential disasters that can occur when poor design decisions are made. We'll then correct the mistakes and bask in the glory of beautiful design. Database design is about anticipating the future needs of your organization and using that information to make smart decisions. Good decision-making here can reflect positively on everyone you work with, so show off your design skills and feel good about the TSQL you write!
Basic knowledge of TSQL syntax and database fundamentals.

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