Make Sure You Have the Right Time!
The 24 Hours of PASS event will run with back-to-back sessions starting at 16:00 GMT on February 5, 2014.

GMT is Greenwich Mean Time and is also known as Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). For some cities, we have adjusted GMT to take Daylight Savings Time (DST) into account.

How do I convert GMT or UTC to my time zone?
You have a couple of options. Based on the table below (*adjusted for DST) of certain large cities around the world, you may be able to determine the right start time for you. Or you can also visit this third-party site which will make the conversion for you.

16:00GMT on February 5, 2014 is the following time and date in these cities:

San Francisco: 8:00 AM
Chicago: 10:00 AM
Toronto: 11:00 AM
London: 4:00 PM
Paris: 5:00 PM
Moscow: 8:00 PM
Mumbai: 9:30 PM
Singapore: Midnight
Adelaide: 2:30 AM (Feb 6)
Sydney: 3:00 AM (Feb 6)